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SL-WebDesign – Digital Life Enhancement Expert

The World's First
Digital Life Enhancement Expert

Webpages, Funnels & Maintenance

Stuck with your web-page?
Need a new one? Refurbish the old one?
Missing the engagement you need?
Saying too much or too little?
Is your branding off?
Or nothing really happens on it?

Find out more about my three step system to having success with your web page.  <-Click me


Social Media & Online-Networking

Connect your web-page to social media and layout the foundation for automated traffic and sales? Easy!
Do you spend far to much time on it posting and slaving away to get prospects or staying relevant?
Don't you have a matching social media appearance yet?
Are you using tools and applications to make your life easier?
Are you on top of recent changes to avoid falling off grid on social media?

Get back on track, save tons of time while engaging with your audience and get yourself back on top of the social media game. 


Are you struggling to be heard?
Having a hard time to get your messages across?
Is your audience understanding you incorrectly?
Do you have too much content that is not relevant?
Are your messages clear and focused?
Does your content engage and is it making it easy for your ideal customer to buy from you?

Your Content is the one factor that decides if people understand the value and why you are the expert they should buy from...

Personal Branding & Packaging

Can people easily connect with you?
Do they understand what you are all about?
Do they know how to interact with your brand?
Can they see the immediate value for their own lives?
Do you have a structure and strategy in place?
Are you building up credibility and trust every step of the way?

Your personal branding allows you to become unique, understandable, engageable and so much more for your ideal customers...

Mindset & Success

Are your thoughts supporting your goals and ideas?
Do you trust in yourself and all your abilities?
Are you taking action, and if, is it the action that you should take?
Do you understand how the principles of creating your reality are working?
Have you found your own sabotage patterns and are you actively counteracting them?

In just a few simple steps you can unleash a whole new world of potential that has been waiting inside of you all along...

Stefan Logar

Combining the best methods of two worlds

Where Technology and Digital Marketing meets Business and Success Coaching

Keep up with modern technology

Using it
with fun and ease

Today's technology, tools, and applications can be fast, very overwhelming.

To have a partner at your side who not only knows how to handle them but is showing you ways of incorporation into your existing business will save you huge amounts of time and money.


Having the right strategy is priceless

combining your goals with social media

83% of all business relations are beginning today on social media platforms.

When your business strategy is in alignment with your social media and web efforts, you are close to doubling your chances of succeeding.

Of course, this is just a small portion of a broader strategy.


Success is derived from focus and clarity

Ideal customers, clarity in communication...

Knowing where you are and where you want to be is the first step into a more compelling future.

Clarity in all things that matter is largely underrated and one of the main reasons why business owner fail.

Knowing exactly for whom you are working, what you do and how to communicate this is a keystone to raising your income.


Modern, State of the Art Webpage for you and your business

Step 1. Planning & Strategy

In "Jump-Start" Calls we will define and plan together your new web-appearance.

Step 2. Design & Programm

Getting to work, placing content, images, context and designs to build your dream into reality.

Step 3. Release & Promotion

Show your page to your market, collect feedback and build a strategy on social media.

all devices - it's fitting

Responsive Design, ready for all devices

stefan logar port

Stefan Logar

CEO / Development / Design

My mission is to bring affordable, fully professional, beautiful web appearances to every person, business owner, start-up, there is. Supporting a transition towards shared interests and cooperation.

Some of my former projects


Danna Levy Hoffmann


Hugo & Guillermo Jimenez

Rita Fürst

Martin Daubney

Social Media Mastery

Breaking the Code of Social Media to Build a Successful Brand

Beautiful Social Media Work Designed to Drive Relevancy, Omnipresence, and Intemacy

Step 1. Contentplan & Directions

Defining firstly who and what your main audience is and what they are interested in while combining your strength and services with this makes it easy to get content done...

Step 2. Preparing Posts & Branding-Content

Relevancy and Omnipresence need more work than just posting beautiful pictures and viral videos... getting into shape to stay on top of your audience's mind with easy to repeat methods...

Step 3. Consistency & Diversity

Giving enough while making sure everybody can engage with your business and services without being pushy, salesy or slimy...

Some of my former projects

stefan logar port

Stefan Logar

Digital Life Enhancement Expert

Social Media is becoming increasingly important and ultimately the number 1 space online to connect with your audiences, get to know your ideal customer and making a real impact in their lives. It all comes down to how well you master the art of being relevant, omnipresent, and in creating intimacy.

Content-Development & Strategy to deliver Value

Value-Campaigns, Funnels, Emailmarketing, Copywriting and so much more...

Step 1. Filtration & Focus

Get your own values aligned with your communication and focus on how you can deliver it the best way to your ideal customers...

Step 2. Channels & Preparation

Start building up the right systems and tools and create the delivery processes. Rounding up all things and contexts that is needed to actually succeed with your content...

Step 3. Testing & Adjusting

There is no: "One Size Fits Them All"!
Not in Marketing nor anywhere else. In order to find these pearls and gems that work the best for you, testing and adjusting is one of the most underrated and left out mechanics to actually drive sales...


Individual adjusted Content for your Uniqueness

Especially in Content Development Diversity is Key

stefan logar port

Stefan Logar

Digital Life Enhancement Expert

Your content is what will differentiate you from all the noise out there. If you really want to leave a mark, make people see and understand you and help them make the move to engage with you and your brand, a defined content strategy is imperative to achieving exactly that.

Branding & Packaging

Be the true, unique YOU! And help your ideal customer understand your value.

Step 1. Focus & Clarity

Getting the Basics right, redefining your ideal customer, focus, and goals for your Brand.

Step 2. Designing your Message

How do you present yourself to others, what is your brand about and how can your customer connect with your Brand.

Step 3. Testing & Adjusting

Test your new messages and adjust to generate the biggest impact in your niche.


It is all in the clarity of communication...

stefan logar port

Stefan Logar

Digital Life Enhancement Expert

Personal branding, authentic being who you really are, and showing people how and where they can engage with your brand is simply the one differentiation point that makes all the magic work.
Today it is even more important to connect and be relevant to your audience than ever before. The time of unpersonal cold brands is over.

Most underrated yet most Important foundation for business success - branding & packaging


Mindset & Success Coaching

The one thing, all of us should work on first... Yet often this part is highly underrated or even ignored... drive higher results with the right supporting mentorships and coaching prozesses

Step 1. Find your blockages

Whats holding you back right now? And how can you avoid these patterns entirely? let's get diggin...

Step 2. See your sabotage patterns

We all have patterns in our life, that sabotage our success or happiness. Why are we doing this? What can we do against it? We figure this out individually...

Step 3. Resolving & Reframing

Understand how to resolve blockages and sabotage patterns. Then reframe your mind to achieve whatever you desire in life.


You always earn as much, as your personality has been developed... plus you can safe years of trial and error with the right coaching at your side...